Deep Emotional Healing
Release Stress, Transform Trauma & Anxiety, and Rebuild Resilience through Qigong Sound Healing, Gentle Meditative Movement, and Visualization Practices
Live Online Retreat • May 11 - 17, 2020
with Master Mingtong Gu

Master Mingtong talks about healing through connection and community online.

Enjoy this teaching: "Cultivate your internal garden of mind, body and heart"

"There is a beautiful garden within for you to cultivate now — especially during this challenging time."  - Master Mingtong Gu

There’s no doubt that right now our world is experiencing a global “storm”.   We trust you are taking the precautionary measures best suited for your location and your family.

During times of crisis and worry like this, it’s even more important to continue (or begin!) your Qigong practices to keep energy flowing.  Rather than allowing stress to take root in your body, you can learn to embrace daily challenges with self-care and self-compassion to make a shift from fearfulness to care-fullness.  You can work with the energetics of stress and transform it to the energy of creativity.

The Chi Center and Master Mingtong are stepping forward with even more online resources to help you gracefully navigate this storm (and any others that may come your way).

Our aim is to be a light in the storm — to help you find connection instead of isolation; and learn to turn worry and anxiety into thoughtful care; transform depression and a sense of loss into compassion and knowing; and transmute distress into courage.

Through the practices of Wisdom Healing Qigong you will learn how transforming your emotional state supports you in healing physically and leads to spiritual development too. To be able to serve, connect, and support you from the comfort and safety of your home, we are “leaning in” to our very popular Online Retreats, and offering even more options.


...setting up your home environment to bestow yourself with comfort, uninterrupted time, and your full presence so that you can have the best 7-day Retreat experience possible.  Practices and teachings during all of our Awakening and Healing Retreats offer real-time connection with Master Mingtong and dozens of others in community.

Through Online Retreats, you will

  • learn to receive, cultivate, and bring loving and healing energy to your home
  • have time to engage your mind and body, then integrate what you learn and experienced
  • have time to learn and practice gentle and meditative movements to help release energy blockages and increase the sense of aliveness throughout your body
  • open your heart to love, acceptance, courage, and compassion  — for healing yourself and the healing of others
  • experience deep connection with energy, community and humanity beyond distance and time
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Our Next Online Retreat
May 11-17, 2020
Release Stress, Transform Trauma & Anxiety, and Rebuild Resilience through Qigong Sound Healing, Gentle Meditative Movement, and Visualization Practices

This retreat is designed for you if you are

  • feeling stressed, including emotional stress
  • searching for healing from anxiety and the effects of trauma
  • seeking resilience in the midst of our collective crisis or your personal health challenges
  • wanting to improve your health and energy 
  • ready to discover new ways of taking care of yourself and others in this time of isolation
  • asking deep questions and imagining a new version of Life for yourself and for humanity
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Develop Your Resilience

Through the Practices of Wisdom Healing Qigong

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, crisis, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress — such as trauma, family and relationship troubles, serious health challenges, or workplace and financial stressors.

As much as resilience involves recovery after times of crisis, we envision resilience as something more — "bouncing forward" (instead of bouncing back) in the midst of intensity and challenge. This happens often for resilient people — instead of waiting till the crisis is over, hoping to return back to where we began, we grow our capacities in the midst of the challenge AND end up in a new place, having developed new understanding, more compassion, and deeper self-awareness.  

Resilience is not about being tough, powering through, or putting on a brave face. In fact, the opposite may be true ... we may actually need to give ourselves a time-out to fully experience and accept our emotions, rest deeply, and transform the energy of stress in our system so it does not stay contracted and remain blocked, stuck, or stagnant.

Online Retreat Graduates Want You To Know...

"The Chi Center’s online retreat greatly exceeded my expectations. Having been to previous retreats, I thought it would be a reflection of the retreat experience. But it was not a mere reflection. It was a full immersion. If you have never done a Wisdom Healing Qigong retreat or would like to do one and are not able to make the trip to New Mexico, this is an amazing option.

As with onsite retreats, my experience during the online retreat was rich and deep, challenging and ”profoundly beneficial.“ ...the retreat, through Master Mingtong, the teaching staff, support staff and chi field, bestowed a thousand blessings upon me. After a year away from participating in online courses, this retreat was like coming home. Coming home to Wisdom Healing Qigong, coming home to my body (after an extremely challenging year), coming home to an amazing community of practitioners. And coming home to the wisdom that flows freely through them all. 

Pamela J, Carmel, CA

"This has been a wonderful experience. I wondered how it would work and have been greatly surprised by how effective it is. Master Mingtong’s energy comes through as well as the energy from the Kiva. I loved having the casual experience of being at home with the extended relationships on the screen. I feel most supported, guided and connected with Master Mingtong and the group chi field.

I’ve been to at least eight in-person retreats and this was surprisingly deep and just as powerful as being there in person. Plus I had my own special comfortable chairs and pillows to support me, not to mention my own bed and bathroom. I will do it again. Thank you for offering this. I loved it."

Judith F.

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Answers to Common Questions

Are you ready to experience direct energetic transmissions and teachings from an acclaimed Qigong Master?

Will I be able to experience the chi field from home?

Yes! Chi is everywhere, and as we join together in a beautiful group dynamic we then generate a local and non-local chi field, which will have a powerful effect on the progress of each individual in the group (including you!). Together we make this possible! We are ready to co-create healing miracles with you and we hope you are ready too.  

Who is this Online Retreat designed to serve?
This Online Retreat is open to everyone – no matter what your level of health and wellbeing, and no matter what previous experience you have (or don't have) with the practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong. These Retreats (although immersive) are gentle and perfect for anyone of any age, who is interested in enhancing and improving their health and wellbeing.
I'm not very tech savvy, what do I need to join the retreat.

Other than an openness to improve your personal health and wellbeing, you will also require a stable high-speed internet connection, as well as some space and time to dedicate to yourself. We have a team all ready to support you!  You can contact our online technology team via email at and they'll reply as promptly as possible.

How Does the Online Live Retreat Work?

▸▸ You’ll connect online with our Zoom video meeting from the Lotus Kiva where all Retreats are held – in person and online – so that you can learn and practice with Master Mingtong Gu and receive his transmission in the non-local chi field. His certified teachers will support and guide you in some practice sessions from their homes. The practice sessions involve gentle movements to free up your energy, as well as sound healings, and visualizations.

▸▸  All times are listed in the US Mountain time zone.  We begin each full day around 8:30am and end each evening around 8:30pm. (Times may change.) There are approximately 4 hours of break time every day. You can participate according to your personal schedule and time zone, and you will continue to have access to all the video recordings for 1-4 weeks after the live sessions end. We suggest you participate live AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, even if only a half-day at a time due to possible time zone differences.

▸▸ The live video broadcast will be hosted on Zoom, which is a two-way communication technology free to all viewers. It's best to have a good internet connection, a webcam, and microphone. This is the best long-distance support you can receive from Master Mingtong and the team!

What is the schedule and flow for each day*?

Day 1:   Evening Session only 5:30pm-7:30pm

Days 2-6:   Morning Session 8:30am-12:30pm; Lunch 12:30pm-2:00pm; Afternoon Session 2:00pm-6:00pm; Dinner 6:00pm-7:30pm; Evening Session 7:30pm-8:30pm

Day 7:  Morning Session only 8:30am-12:30pm         *Please note:  All published times are approximate

Which Retreat is best for me?

Schedule your FREE call with a Retreat Expert who can coach you through your decision-making process on which retreat is best suited for you, and why.
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7-Day Online Retreat
New Date: May 11-17, 2020

We're excited to have you join us on this deep dive into Wisdom Healing Qigong with Master Mingtong Gu
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Qigong Healing Miracles:
Tom Loeswick
Tom Loeswick
In this video mini-documentary Tom credits his 3-year journey of attending Qigong Retreats followed up with coaching and Chi Center online trainings, to have completely transformed his experience of his day-to-day life and his connection to Source.

In his words, he now feels totally resourced to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally with access to love, creativity, and wholeness every day.
What is the unique online experience of Wisdom Healing Qigong 
"My Online Experience" shared by participants from around the world.
Best-selling Author, Researcher and Mind-Body speaker, Joan Borysenko
"Wisdom Healing Qigong with Master Mingtong Gu is my best and most powerful experience of integrative healing."
Master Mingtong invites you to cultivate ancient wisdom through modern internet technology
Master Mingtong Gu opens the doors to the Online The Wisdom Healing Qigong Center – developed to support the need of practice, guidance and community.
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Our Amazing and Dedicated Team of Online Staff and Teachers Are Ready to Support You
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